Travel Management

Safeguarding Your Global Itineraries

Ensured Safety for
Every Destination

At RMS International, we provide comprehensive travel management services, ensuring our clients’ journeys–whether international or domestic–are safe, secure, and seamlessly managed. We specialize in providing Duty of Care for high net worth individuals, executives, and corporate personnel who require the highest standard of security and logistical support.

Risk Assessment

Tailored evaluations of potential travel risks, from geopolitical climates to health advisories, along with appropriate courses of action to mitigate any potential risk.

Customized Planning

Detailed travel strategies to mitigate risk, taking into consideration personal requirements and global safety standards.

Travel Security

In-transit and destination support and protection, ensuring safety no matter the destination.

Local Intelligence

Real-time updates and insights on the ground, keeping you informed and prepared throughout your travel.


Emergency Response

Around the clock, rapid global response to any incident, with protocols and resources in place to address situations as they arise.

24/7 Support

Dedicated specialists are available around the clock to assist with any aspect of your travel security needs.

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