RMS World Wide

The world is a risky place. We make sure you get home safely. RMS World Wide specializes in conducting a full range of asset-based risk assessments that protect your people and assets while working in the remote corners of the globe. Our consultants work closely with you to identify, characterize and prioritize security hazards and threats. Assessing the potential risks, we evaluate your options and the likelihood of negative outcomes, then we apply solutions that will keep you safe and secure. If a crisis develops - whether the result of an accident, natural disaster, political unrest, terrorism or acts of war – our team of highly trained medical, special operations and intelligence specialist are ready to secure your assets and get you and your people home. With a 72 to 96 hour response to virtually all corners of the globe, mission specific teams are assembled and dispatched to ensure a safe return.


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    US Toll Free Number: 800.RMS. 9548